Bali Paradise “Lalaland” – Valentina Audrito


Lalaland is the name of this beautiful home of the italian architect – Valentia Audrito. The house is a mix of an eclectic and playful feel taking into account the house features as well as the outside ambience. The home is located in Bali, where Audrito resides for many years now.

The amazing timber frames, beams & flooring blend really well with the geometrical furniture.


The dressing room and master bathroom shell ceilings is another highlight of this beautiful home.


Lalaland-13-1600x1200Lalaland-11-1600x1200 Lalaland-12-1600x1200

Another feature element that is used in this beautiful home is the designer focused work on her egg furniture collection  ‘Le Uova Di Leon’. The eggs are everywhere in this house and where you would less expect them to be. You can see them in the children room, in the garden as well as being the main inspiration of the very original guest bathroom.

In its very unique way, I have to say that I really love the designer work in this beautiful home. It has a lot of energy from the outside/inside with its vibrant colours that pick up on nature but very well balanced with the house own features, timber frames and white walls.

Lalaland-5-1600x1200 Lalaland-14-1600x1200 Lalaland-17-1600x1200

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Thanks to Diario Design for sharing this post. 

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