Stylish & practical small bathrooms

Hello, Hope you all had a lovely weekend and have recharged your batteries for another week. I was fortunate to get away this weekend to New South Wales’ country side – the Hunter Valley (which by the way is a lovely winery region – so I couldn’t have chosen a better way to celebrate my first weekend off in a month!!). I am full of energy and ready for another week.
So, the challenge of this week…. I am currently working on a bathroom renovation project and as it happens it is a very small space. It occurred to me that in the majority of the occasions we are limited with space in our bathrooms.

Whether you are looking to redecorate your small bathroom or design one from scratch, today’s post will offer some quick tips on how to do so and as a bonus, plenty of photographic inspiration! You probably wonder how can one make a small bathroom functional, without compromising in aesthetics. . After all we do spend a lot of time in the bathroom…So why not make it the place we really want it to be, that feels as part of our home as much as everything else we have. I think many times bathrooms are overlooked and left on the side. So the question is what do you do when you have a limited space but still want to have a stylish/trendy bathroom? Well, the following photos I gathered in the list below guarantee that combining practicability and visual harmony is possible and not so difficult after all. Taking inspiration from the small bathrooms in this post could be the first step in assessing your upcoming project.

You must think of each and every element in your bathroom and how it interacts with the available space. Do any of them occupy a larger surface than necessary? In order to maximise a small washroom, there are a few things you could do. Removing the feeling of clutter can be achieved by replacing a floor standing vanity with a wall hung vanity so it gives you a cleaner look as well as a modern feel without compromising on storage space. If you’d rather a more minimalistic look another option to consider would be a pedestal sink (Philippe Starck has designed for Duravit this clever and pretty Pedestal Vanity with storage – photos below). Choose a cool tall sink that matches the overall style of the interior and enjoy the extra space. Buying a small bathtub is also a great solution, especially when there are so many chic models out there. Large floor tiles, as well as light coloured paint on the walls give the feeling of space, whereas dark hues could inspire crowdedness. With these simple ideas in mind, we invite you to go through the amazing photo collection below and share your own tips and tricks for designing a perfect small bathroom!

Also don’t forget to add a little bit your personal touch with some styling. For this you can just add statement mirrors, floating shelves, ladders for hanging towels, plants, candles, little stools, baskets, and lighting…even a chandelier would look magnificent and add some character to a small bathroom!

Enjoy! x

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Bringing inspiration in the smallest things in life

So here we are again, another week has rolled by since my last post. And I could say it feels like we have gone from winter to summer…well maybe not quite summer, but it has definitely been unusually hot for this time of the year. We have been blessed with a lovely warm week so far and let’s hope we have more to come through as the weekend is not over yet! –  I just have to say that we are lucky to have experienced the beautiful rays of sunshine and blue skies through the first few days of July.

So as I was having my mid week break (as you might remember my weekends now take place during the working week). I decided to head out for a coastal walk specially with the weather heating up, all I could think of was ocean time. So whilst everyone was working hard, I went for a nice walk by the beach.

What an amazing, refreshing and inspiring walk it was. I came along to these pretty rocks by the side of the beach. The colour palette and texture inspired me to create this mood board of images for you. It is amazing how no matter what, nature continues to win when it comes to inspiration. Mother nature gets it right every time, no need to look further.

So here we have my inspirations for the week. Hope you enjoy the images and have fun playing with lilac and neutral colours, adding rustic furniture pieces, rendering walls or working with exposed stone walls as a feature. You can also look at adding greenery/plants and even including a little splash of colour with wall prints. And of course don’t forget soft furnishing like cushions, throws, and rugs to bring some warmness to your space.




Styling your home through the winter season

Hello all, I apologise for not having written in a while but things have been pretty busy. I started a new job recently which brings a new set of challenges and routine which includes weekends!..So, again sorry for the lack of posts but it is only now that I get the time to write! Wow – so things have been hectic on my end! – Hope you all have been well.

Just yesterday as I got to catch up with two of my best friends. We were talking about how dreadful, cold, rainy and grey it has been lately and how nice would it be to be able to escape to somewhere sunny or either just get away to the country and stay at a farm stay with a warm cosy fire place. Winter, you love it or hate it!

So what do you do when you are having those blue holiday mood days or just wish you could go somewhere warm and sunny. I think we can all agree that during this season we all need a little bit of encouragement to be positive when it rains and rains and rains! Although the rest of the world might be hibernating for winter we still need to enliven our spaces.

Style spaces with fresh sprigs and sculptural foliage, reflect gardens and views with statement mirrors. It’s too cold to go outside so bring the outside in!

Here are a few tips on how you can style your home to bring a little bit of spark back into your home through the winter season.

1) Mirror the change of season. At this time of year nature gives a wealth of inspiration providing a palette of caramel, olive, rust and copper to work with. Revamp your look by working in textiles and décor throughout the home.

2) Create a bedroom sanctuary, a lot of the time we neglect our bedroom as we concentrate in the rest of the home especially the living area. Make this a world away from the cold and dreary outdoors! Make this space luxurious and inviting with layered textures by using blankets, linens and soft furnishings. Add creative and ambient lighting that invites you into the space.

3) Give new life to your living space with a statement rug. Consider texture and tone for practicality but throw all caution to the wind by choosing stand out designs that will really lift the room, creating a unique and eye catching space. Play with texture to create atmosphere and drama – think alluring velvets and plush wool carpets.

4) Bring colour in. This will lift up your mood when you are having one of those days and wish you were somewhere else!. You can do this by adding some inexpensive accent furniture pieces, lightings, create a feature wall by repainting it or if you want to splash out, you can always get some beautiful wallpaper. Also using some throws can add colour to your existing lounges.


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And of course there is always the option that we can just take a few days off and go somewhere nice and cosy for a break where you can just sit and relax, re-charge your batteries by going for some nice walks while enjoying the greenery that surrounds us, do some food tasting and come back to your lovely winter retreat holiday home and enjoy of a warm bath, a nice cup of tea or some vino by the fire!.

Please feel free to give me your feedback. All comments are welcomed! – Have a fabulous rest of the week and keep warm.

All about emerald + copper

What  amazing autumn weather we have had so far! So following from my previous post which was all about Natural Beauty at Home.
I just keep thinking how nature is always such a truthful and inspiring place. Just looking at the first image below, made feel just so happy for being surrounded by natural beauty . The colors here gave me the name of today’s post which is all about Emerald & Copper. Besides Emerald being the voted color of the year by Pantone.
Emerald and Copper are both such great and striking inspiration colors which looks beautiful stunning on their own. Emerald is great  on a monochromatic color palette or mixed with other colors (mainly secondary hues), or  mixed with copper.
Hope you enjoy today’s post.


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Images are the courtesy of:
Image #2 courtesy of French by Design.
Images #3 courtesy of Papern Stitch Blog.
Images #5 & 9 courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
Images #6 courtesy of Skonahem.
Images #7 courtesy of Wish Lovers. 
Image #8 courtesy of Vogue Living Magazine.
Image #10, 11, 13 & 14 courtesy of House to Home.
Images #12  courtesy of Remodelista.
Image # 15 courtesy of DIY Network.
Image #17 courtesy of Design Milk.

Natural beauty at home

Today’s post is about how to bring the beauty of eco style into your home. As I stepped out this morning to get my usual coffee I just felt refreshed and inspired by the smell of rain. I was re-energised by the greenery that surrounds us. I know that some of you might disagree as it is a bit cold and damp. For me, it is such a pretty season with its crispy trees which enhance the beautiful textures and colours around us. Now is the time for nesting, so enrich your home with warm soft furniture and bring in some of the elements of nature. Try mixing rustic textures with industrial textures, softening with the addition of rugs and warming up with colour. I have always felt that a home built with the environment in mind carries that positive energy within its walls, and has a lasting effect on the people that live there.

So here are a few inspirations for you x

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Styling your walls

So it has been a little while since my last post. Hope you are all keeping well and warm as our days are now getting darker earlier and our clocks went back again last Sunday. Autumn is definitely here!

Since a new season is always a good opportunity for change, getting rid of clutter, and bringing in new things then I thought it would be great timing to bring you all these gorgeous inspirations on how to style your walls. I have included everything from having your prints and artworks displayed on the walls creating little stories with them as well as using different sizes of frames and colours, to a mix and match scatter mirrors, funky & textured wallpapers and murals. Another idea I love is brining the outside in, by creating awesome herbs/plants shelving and ceramic wall planters.

Then we have floor standing mirrors, bamboo ladders – they are great to hang quilts, towels etc and just to create a nice feature in a room. And lastly you can create library shelves or a built-in bookcase.  This is a great idea during this time of the year as it is when starts getting darker and colder and it is so nice to get all comfortable, get a cup of tea and read your favourite book to relax.

So here they are, 14 inspirations for you to explore. Hope you like them. Enjoy x


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International Colour Day

Did you know that today was International Colour Day? – Well I had no clue until I was reading an article by one of my favourite blogs The Design Files. As it appears though our Melbournians friends are celebrating with an exhibition by the Colour Society together with their major partners, Dulux and Southern Colour at Federation Square.

As a contribution on today’s colour celebration, I would like to share this beautiful photo shoots collaborated by Dulux and Sydney fashion designers Kirrily Johnston and Camilla Franks.



Thanks to The Design Files for sharing this post.