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International Colour Day

Did you know that today was International Colour Day? – Well I had no clue until I was reading an article by one of my favourite blogs The Design Files. As it appears though our Melbournians friends are celebrating with an exhibition by the Colour Society together with their major partners, Dulux and Southern Colour at Federation Square.

As a contribution on today’s colour celebration, I would like to share this beautiful photo shoots collaborated by Dulux and Sydney fashion designers Kirrily Johnston and Camilla Franks.



Thanks to The Design Files for sharing this post. 


Light It Up

Here are some cool lighting findings for you to finish off your weekend…

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Isn’t it great how something so simple like lighting can add so much character and a little bit of spark to any room?

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

10 Gorgeous Home Offices

Here are some beautiful danish home workspaces to keep you inspired.

Just love the simplicity of them…the white walls are a great basic here.
The vibe in each space gives you a calm and relaxing feel which the designer has complimented very well by mixing neutral colours, playing with different shapes & textures in the furniture and lighting.


Bright & Cheerful

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This delightful bright & cheerful collection has been recently launched by Safari Fusion.  Cape Eclectic 2013 is inspired by collectors and eclectic styling of handcrafted African crafts and homewares.

Absolutely love this colourful collection!

Something Moroccan

Morocco, one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in the world. Who hasn’t hall in love with it? Here is a whole bunch of gorgeous interior inspirations for you.

I just love the fresh, delicate and contemporary touches but maintaining Moroccan’s vibrant colors,  architecture, geometrical shapes & forms! – Just gorgeous!