Umbria House – Italy

This gorgeous home in Umbria, Italy was designed by Paola Navone for Andrea Falkner Campi.

This gorgeous home in Umbria, Italy was designed by Paola Navone for Andrea Falkner Campi.




So where do I begin? I have been recently obsessed with white homes and there is so much to love about this beautiful home. Firstly it has been designed by one of my favourite designers, Paola Navone for Andrea Falkner Campi. It has such an inviting feeling yet being white which can be harsh at times. It is warm, relaxed and full of character. The overall vibe is elegancy and sophistication but with a playful touch. It is also vibrant and has a lot of natural rustic textures.

One of the main features I love is the flooring treatment in the dining area which are Hexagonal floor tiles melt into timber boards. This is such a wonderful effect and a real celebration of the two materials which are never usually allowed to play this way.

[Images from Italian Elle Decor, via Vosgesparis.]

Thanks to Design Inspiration for sharing this post. 


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