All about emerald + copper

What  amazing autumn weather we have had so far! So following from my previous post which was all about Natural Beauty at Home.
I just keep thinking how nature is always such a truthful and inspiring place. Just looking at the first image below, made feel just so happy for being surrounded by natural beauty . The colors here gave me the name of today’s post which is all about Emerald & Copper. Besides Emerald being the voted color of the year by Pantone.
Emerald and Copper are both such great and striking inspiration colors which looks beautiful stunning on their own. Emerald is great  on a monochromatic color palette or mixed with other colors (mainly secondary hues), or  mixed with copper.
Hope you enjoy today’s post.


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fc93609f6699d2da5ebac429f21c8d8d0acca33ce76298b888dfa6f1cb003189 2c7e3f33604f8b568fdf3a71b2cccf11 19cd4025aa2c63d3649517de86349a6f 74c400498963259fd34e3496c5aafc00housetohome5 housetohome9 remodelista2 housetohome4 housetohome2 63c8f91f3d362428960af9de75648b4c 06f8d95f4d73c6dfa297821a241abc9dcc168574abf9216b9cd3be1e71b5ab99

Images are the courtesy of:
Image #2 courtesy of French by Design.
Images #3 courtesy of Papern Stitch Blog.
Images #5 & 9 courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
Images #6 courtesy of Skonahem.
Images #7 courtesy of Wish Lovers. 
Image #8 courtesy of Vogue Living Magazine.
Image #10, 11, 13 & 14 courtesy of House to Home.
Images #12  courtesy of Remodelista.
Image # 15 courtesy of DIY Network.
Image #17 courtesy of Design Milk.

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